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Our company is a joint group of skillful workers, technicians, masters and designers whom came together in 2015. We have a wide range of equipments, tools and devices which are the latest technology in the field and help us to go after any variety of productions in furnitures and home designs.

We do not limit our work to any method of productions, so the main idea of production style would able us to take any mass or individual work orders. Clients can be a major brand in furnishing, mass-builders of housing or just a family who want to decorate or re-new their home or business place.

Of course to make the fees and profits logical we did gain access to first-hand materials and cooperators which help us to do some special parts of job. You can approach us to test our fees and qualities. We are confident that you will be satisfied about your experience with us.

For more information about our works and a proper way of contact please reach to the contact section and feel free to explore in our main topics of services. We have some limits and boundaries to have a full portfolio of our productions on the Internet and that's only to help us maintain the copyright of the productions for sure, even so, you can have a glimpse and sens of quality and professionalism in watching the brief gallery we prepared for you, specially if you are in the field yourself or have some experience in decorations and designs.



Here we've tried to categorize our main topics of services in to four sectors which we thought would make it easy for you finding the right answers. Although we may and for sure know any boundaries and limitations about the ways of taking work orders. In fact as soon as you find us capable of doing a job then it's just a matter of needs and negotiations to pin point your required wishes.

We relay on our perfect and up to date machineries and high skilled personnel to meet your satisfaction on a job due to the contract. We do our best to accomplish a mission 0 to 100 with our own machineries, personnel, supplies and logistics because we understand that is important in financial manners. Even though we can guarantee finishing a job in the shortest time possible with the most fair price even if it's inevitable to have any form of collaborations with partners to helping us making and/or finishing parts which we have limited access to the materials, machineries or skills. So, whatever it takes and we did it before!

It doesn't matter if your are a individual customer, a major brand and furniture seller or a mass-builder of housing, we're taking orders unconditionally and make the fees suit for you. Feel free to explore more about each sector by clicking on related icon.

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Feel free to contact us via telephone, email address or this contact form.

We can also be in touch in social networks. We'll be pleased to discuss any business matter. You can ask for more informations about any of our services, such as fees and prices, ask for contract forms and terms to see if it's compatible by your desires. You can also set a proper time to visit us in one of our offices or have a meeting in your place.

Costumers, specially those who want to establish a long term contract and relation may want to take a tour to our technical facilities and we'll be glad to act on their wishes.

You can reach us via contact lines and we'll set a rendezvous, you may wanna picked up by airport or come by yourself, the introduction tour begins with a visitation of our showroom in town and will continue trough the technical facilities. If you are a foreigner in Turkey we'll make sure you can access to a reliable translator of your own language, however we can communicate in English, Turkish and Persian fluently.

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